OOPS Training | Object Oriented Programming Course

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Understand OOP and the approach to modular and reusable software systems

Master inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism and reduce code duplication

Learn to create structures that emphasize on code reusability.

Object-oriented Programming has become a fundamental part of software development. The omnipresent nature of programming languages like C, C++, and Java has made a thorough understanding of OOP mandatory. Today it is impossible to work on software or develop web applications without knowing Object-Oriented Programming, especially with languages like Python and Ruby gaining more popularity every day.  The IT industry, over the past few years, has been on the lookout for professionals who are skilled in OOP.

The OOP course in Programming basics is designed to prepare and expose students to all important concepts, and best practices for working with programming languages, along with hands-on training in the latest trends. The students will also get to work in our labs, introducing them to various scenarios they will encounter while working in the industry.

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Course Content

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Why should I learn OOP?

Object-Oriented Programming is often considered to be the most natural and pragmatic approach to coding. Once mastered, professionals can easily break down an application into bite-sized objects, or problems, that they can solve one at a time. Moreover, OOP allows companies to reuse codes via inheritance, troubleshoot faster, and be effective at problem solving, all of which saves them a lot of time and resource. Therefore, companies are actively looking to hire professionals who have mastered Object-Oriented Programming.

Advantages of Object-Oriented Programming

  • OOP provides a modular structure for programs, making it the perfect approach to defining data types where implementation details are hidden
  • Easy to maintain and modify existing code
  • Ability to create new objects with minor differences to existing ones
  • Offers a good framework for code libraries
  • Reduces code duplication

Object-Oriented Programming in IIHT

With state-of-the-art lab facilities and infrastructure, IIHT aims to ensure that students get hands-on experience dealing with Object-Oriented Programming. The course covers concepts from beginner to advanced level and exposes students to scenarios they would experience in the industry. Our instructors are industry experts and students will be given a chance to interact with them and learn more during sessions.IIHT’s course on Python aims to bridge this skill gap and make students and professionals job ready.

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Foundation Program

Developers are required to have good problem solving capabilities and logical reasoning to solve complex algorithms while programming. In many countries like India, students tend not to be exposed to quality education due to which they lack analytical and logical skills, making it difficult for them to master programming. Despite having good domain expertise, many students end up in failing the basic level screening that testifies an individual’s analytical ability, maths, language and interview skills.

IIHT has come up with an orientation program where the students are trained on aptitude with unique modules. The orientation program gives the deeper understanding in focused topics like the basics of programming, maths, English, and interview skills via interactive sessions with an instructor. The orientation program acts as a pre-requisite to all the programming courses, and students are required to clear the assessments after the orientation program and become eligible for the next level of skill training.

What do you get from IIHT’s blended learning module?

The unique one-of-its kind blended learning module has the following features:

  • Personalized learner homepage: There is a provision for students to use personalized dashboards that students can customize, view the status of the course material. Students can also compare their performances with their classmates’.
  • Catalog for recommended courses: View course catalog and sort levels.
  • Powerful search: Global search the entire Learning Management System of IIHT whenever you need.
  • Course Details: Learners get to view the details of the course like deadlines and upcoming project.
  • Prework: PDFs and documents to help you prepare for upcoming courses.
  • Core Content: Virtual classrooms, activities and assessments
  • Cloud Labs: Easy access to labs anytime, integrated within the Learning Management System.
  • Download Reference Materials: Learners can download reference materials from resources section any time
  • Fluidic Player: Learn at your own pace.
  • Allows students to take notes for revision
  • Gamification: Students can compete with one another to do better!

Start Your Careers on Object Oriented Programming


Anyone with an interest to learn OOPS can take up this course. Even though there aren’t many pre-requisites to learning OOPS, it is recommended that students have a thorough understanding about programming languages like C, C++, and Java.

This course will be taught be mentors who have worked in the IT industry for over 10-15 years. Students will have the opportunity to interact with these students during sessions as well.

Students can attend classes of different batches according to their own convenience to cover the necessary topics.